I’ve just returned from a ten-day residency at Captain Whidbey’s, through Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. Oh, it was good to be away, to sit with other authors in workshops, over dinner, spending all of my time in the focused pursuit of my craft.

I, along with five other women stayed around the Cove, in a grand house on the beach. It was stunningly delicious! Here’s a little bit of what I wrote while I was there – I only added the balance bit this morning…

Penn Cove gray

Penn Cove stretches before me, gray framed in evergreen needles and yellowing brush. Coupeville sleeps enshrouded in mist, the gentle rhythms of the tide rippling the waters between us. What is it about this place that brings words through the haze of my subconscious and out onto the page?Penn Cove reflective view

It is always a good idea to write in the company of authors. One group of people focused on the same thing—to hell with dinner, to hell with schedules—we work best with deadlines and words. Give us charged computers and a space at a table. Give us room to bring our words from the sleepy hollows of our brains to the screen. Give us time to think. Give us room to be alone and ponder.


Still there is something to be said about balance—that tightrope we all walk through life—tipping too much in one direction will send a person toppling. And no one wants to see that!

I find that if I don’t carve out time to write, I am farther away from who I naturally am. I get Penn Cove Crabcranky, refuse to do the laundry, people are liable to get canned beans for dinner. It’s unrealistic to sit and write the entire day, though, especially with children at home. So, a balancing act.

Or a weekend off from time to time, with other writers/jugglers.

What keeps your balance? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll send one of you a special gift!

If you’ve already read Curse of the Seven 70s and haven’t written a review, please go do that now! It helps us authors like you cannot believe –especially the good reviews! If you haven’t read the book yet – what are you waiting for??



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