Clouds in my eyes…





I have always been fascinated by clouds.

At recess, when I was a child, I would lie on my back on the school yard’s grass and get lost in them.

Even now, I am amazed by them.

I find story in them.

I don’t know the fancy names, though I suppose I could study the Wikipedia link listed below. Today, I only know what touches me. Deep down in my restless soul.


A separate language

Above us all.

A strange hideaway where ancient worlds and wizards drift and play out their epic tales

What a wonderful place toimag0723

Fly free

Without thought

Above the reckless noise and disease

Far above the wars and calamities we so cherish.

Forgetting allimag0868

And nothing

In the stratosphere.

4 thoughts on “Clouds in my eyes…”

  1. Sharon, thanks for these clouds. Here’s a challenge. the potlid of gray that tends to settle over the Puget Sound area pretty much from November to, well, you get the idea. Write an ode to that low-hanging, uniform lid of gray.

    1. Ha! I think I will do that, Scott, I think I will!

      The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle — except in the winter, when all you see is gray.
      and the hills the greenest green in Seattle — except when they’re covered the gray spread of concrete that matches the skies…
      Like a beautiful child — who’s pallor frightens old ladies and doctors — growing up — depressed and wild
      Full of laughter, full of tears — medication could fix this through the years…
      In Seattle… In… Seattle!

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