Finding Ground

The floating island made in 3d software
The floating island made in 3d software

There are many things that can kick a person sideways and make you wish you’d never gotten out of bed. For example, taking a sip of coffee wrong and spitting it all over your white t-shirt while driving to meet your mother’s care team is one such thing—here’s some other things in this category:
A flat tire on a rainy night.
Mysterious noises coming from: the basement, the attic, outside your bedroom window, the kitchen sink, your dog, your dog’s stomach, your stomach.
The neighbor’s dog barking at nothing…for hours.
The television coming up with the blue screen of death.
Your computer coming up with the blue screen of death…
Okay – ANY device coming up with the blue screen of death.
Your child throwing a tantrum in your car, in your friend’s car, in any car.
Your child throwing a tantrum. Period.
Your husband throwing a tantrum.
You throwing a tantrum…
Writing five chapters on a new book when suddenly you have to run to the potty, and come back to discover that your cat sat on the keyboard and, you guessed it, erased your work.
NOT writing anything and ending up with the same…
Allowing your child to play on your work computer only to have her change all of your access codes… (Yeah, that happened.)
The thing is life is messy. There isn’t any way around that one fact. The trick is to keep going, find your ground and stand on it. In other words, don’t allow situations to control who you are. Sure we can all learn from experiences—and we certainly should. I am far more patient today than I was before I had children, for example—but I’m still the same person.
I’ll admit, the coffee stains were embarrassing, but I couldn’t prolong the drive just to buy another shirt. Though there was a time in my past where I would have, I consider it great personal character growth that I didn’t need to. After all, meeting these people wasn’t about me—it was about my mother. Coffee stains on my shirt says I might very well be a slob, OR a regular person who spilled coffee. Big deal.
Life is short, stay focused, you may not get a second chance.
Carpe diem, baby.

A young woman is sitting on a pier by the ocean
A young woman is sitting on a pier by the ocean

So, I’m wondering, what keeps you going when life goes sideways?

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