Haunted People

Every time I watch a ghost program on television or talk to people about their hauntings, a little niggling pokes me in the back of my skull. There seems to be a basic misunderstandings in the community that hunts phantoms: Ghost will tell you the truth.

Let’s look at that a little closer. Just because someone is theoretically talking to you through the veil doesn’t mean they have a lie detector strapped to their chest. Where is it written that a spirit must tell you the truth? Why do we think that just because a person is dead, they enter into the realm of the honest do-gooder? This is flawed thinking. Some people seek out ghosts for one reason or the other and marvel that they actually make contact. I would argue that what you make contact with is very likely veiled. You may not be talking to your great aunt Adeline who knows where the family treasure is buried. You may, in fact, be talking to a malevolent spirit who intends to do you harm. In fact, my money is always on the later. Why? Because we’re too gullible. We’ve bought the horse before we’ve even ridden it. We’re too anxious to be certain there is an afterlife, that we’ll believe anything anyone tells us. That’s why. We make ourselves targets, sitting ducks for the supernatural when we delve into that world unprotected.

But wait, don’t I write about this stuff all the time?

You bet. It makes great stories, but no one should live it.

Do you want to guess how I know that?

Be careful out there. Who you think you’re talking to could wind up costing you more than the medium’s fee.

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