Welcome to my world! I appreciate you stopping by. You may have noticed from the title of this blog, that the site is indeed under construction.

I can, however, give you a snapshot of what you can expect here. I write screenplays, novels, novellas, short stories, and poetry. Basically, anything having to do with the written word, I’m in. I’ve been telling stories since I can remember-some real doozies-and finally, in the last ten years I’ve started writing them down.

Most of my work has to do with the darker side of life. But I’m not your typical horror author. In nearly all of my stories you will find hope, redemption, and humor, because, hey, if you can’t laugh, you’re already in hell.

Oh, back up… there is my short story, The Stone God’s Wife, that is truly a dark tale. It leaves most people speechless and wanting more. But, that’s a good thing, right?

My new novel, Curse of the Seven 70s,is a paranormal romance about a very famous vampire’s younger brother who comes back to life set on revenge. Along the way, he finds his true love and you might think the story should end there, but where’s the fun in that? I just might get one or two of those characters to sit down for an interview.

I may post some poetry or a short story, flash fiction, give you snippets of novels, or deliver kick-ass writing prompts. Stay tuned, I’m sure it won’t be dull.

What you won’t find on this site is a bunch of political nonsense. I write so readers can have an escape. If however, there is legislation afoot that directly affects authors or artistic community in general, you might find something of that reflected here. After all, I follow my passions and hope you will too.

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