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A few years ago, I spent some time with my good friend, Lisa Souza, in a client-practitioner sort of way. Lisa is very interested in everything regarding the brain. That’s why she spent the extra time and energy to become a licensed hypnotherapist. The time we spent together in that capacity still reverberates through me.

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She taught me that our brains do not know the difference between sarcasm and truth. If, for example, I had continued to say, “I’ll never be a successful author.” or “I have no talent.” or even, “I can’t understand anything to do with computer programming…” My brain would have believed it, and most likely I would never have published anything.

That’s how powerful all of our brains really are.

There’s good news: You can change the way you think!

In the past, I found how easy it was to simply succumb to stress in my life, to put myself last on the list of getting my needs met. Now I’m learning how to be mindful, to be kinder to myself. Try to look for those things that help de-stress my life. Here are some ways I’m doing it:

  1. This sounds strange, but it’s working for me so far: lower my alcohol intake throughout the week. I am going from drinking wine every night, to drinking a glass of wine or a beer on the weekend. The reality for me is alcohol isn’t doing me any favors. I’m learning about Cortisol – and how my body responds to stress. It’s all linked. Everything is linked.

    Kiffer Brown of Chanticleer Book Review and I had coffee here after our walk this morning… It was lovely.
  2. Carve out time for myself: I pack up and go to the coffee shop to write, the different environment helps me not think about vacuuming…which I always seem to do when I should be writing at home.
  3. Pay attention to what I put in my body: for me this means taking Omega 3s, a good probiotic, remembering daily meds… and drinking one-half in my weight in ounces in water each day. (You heard me right…)
  4. Take time to move: It doesn’t matter. Go for a walk, a swim, something other than sitting in front of my computer hour after hour every day. Movement is good. Movement is life. If I want to be able to move in the future, I need to make certain I’m moving now.
  5. Acupuncture: I never thought I would go to an acupuncturist. But I am! And it makes all the difference. To tell you the truth, I feel every needle – I am that sensitive. But Dr. Roselyn Bailey, is highly skilled and board certified. Don’t let just anyone stick you with a needle!
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    I love cloud gazing! The sky gave me a solar heart in this picture #AuthorLove #Life #BigUniverse

    Take time to be gracious and hospitable to myself. It doesn’t take much – maybe it’s adding something to the house that makes me feel better about my surroundings – Maybe it’s buying triple-milled soaps – Maybe it’s taking time for tea, or setting the table with fine linens, china, and the silver. It matters. It calms my soul – especially when stress is high.

  7. Escape when I can: There is restorative power in water. When I am by the river or on the Sound, or at the beach, I feel grounded. It makes me happy and I can feel tension lift and dissipate.

I’m interested in what you think. How do you de-stress?… Please leave a comment!

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By the way, Lisa Souza is a kick-ass author as well as a brain geek. Check out her book, Beauty and the Bridesmaid!




2 thoughts on “Mindfulness…”

  1. I know the truth of what you’re saying, but there are more times than not that I shut out that little voice in my head, either because it’s easier/more convenient to do so, or because I feel selfish for taking time to nurture myself. Still, so many of those hit home for me.
    #2. Yeah, I really need to find a place that’s free of distraction (including the internet) where I can write uninterrupted. Coffee shops and the like don’t work for me because I’m too ADD to ignore all the people coming in or the conversations around me.
    #4. I’m always vowing to start walking, but it often falls by the wayside. We have no sidewalks in our development, and the road isn’t all that safe to walk on. To get to a good walking place, I have to get in the car and drive, which seems dumb to me.
    #5. I don’t do acupuncture, but I do see a chiropractor regularly. My husband argues with me about seeing him when I “don’t need to,” but I have a lot of underlying issues with my neck and back that need to be dealt with before they become problematic.
    #7. I grew up in a town right along the Susquehanna River, and the college I went to was in a town right along the Susquehanna River. Where I live now is nowhere near the Susquehanna or any other significant water. I feel that. My soul feels that. I long to be near that river, the ocean, a lake (although I have to admit that Raystown Lake, which is a manmade lake, and which my husband loves, feels absolutely dead to me. No inspiration there.), just to have the soul-feed that I get from water.

    1. Oh Deb! I think the important thing is finding what works for you. I’m trying to do my important things. Yours may look a bit different. I just spent an afternoon with an artist friend of mine working on her studio. Oh, what a delight!
      It became clear to me that ‘playing’ is important as well! It was so much fun! I hope your day is good! Much love to you and thanks for leaving a comment! xo

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