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Dark Comedies

Curse of the Seven 70s proves that love is sweeter than revenge – even for Vlad Dracula’s younger brother. It’s a modern vampire love story – a paranormal romantic comedy. No graphic sex scenes here. It would get in the way of the fun stuff.

Keri Knutsen is the very best! Find her here!lets_talk/con8
Keri Knutsen is the very best!

Sweet Life of Dead Duane is a story about a guy who will do anything for his girlfriend – even come back from the dead to ask her one more time if she will marry him. Now, they must race to Mexico City, find a Hoodoo man and Aztec gold all in 30 hours in order to reverse his dead status. But when she finds out what he’s been doing to stay…fresh, she puts a stop to it.  Will they make it to Mexico City? Will they find Aztec gold? And how will they ever find a Hoodoo man? Stay tuned! This story is in revisions and will soon be available to purchase!


Housebreaking Werewolves (In progress) I should say that I had originally planned three books in the Dark Comedy genre because I thought it would be fun and creative and hey, why not? Sweet Life of Dead Duane was the first in the series and I will admit here that I was watching way too much Sergeant Frog at the time and that’s why I need to, uh, shave a bit more from the story before it goes to the editor…. Anyway, Curse of the Seven 70s came next – very funny, people tell me they can’t put it down (I’ll post some reviews somewhere else) So, I’ve got a zombie story, got the vampire taken care of… I know – let’s write a werewolf story! Yes – that’s the ticket! Everyone loves werewolves! I love werewolves – they’re so…wolfie….

And you know what happened? This book is turning out to be like one of those things that’s not like the other. No kidding. It’s not funny. It’s freaking scaring the crap out of me! So, what to do, what to do… Guess I’ll write it! But it can no longer be in the Dark Comedy section. Sorry.

Y/A and New Adult 

Monster Child, Book 1 of the Witching Guard
What would you do if you were different, and if that difference ever became known, the Witching Guard would snatch you in the dead of night and ferry you off to Castle Wailing a desolate castle off a forgotten coast, and lock you in the Dark Tower, where the Dark Lady Pharynea, a spider the size of a VW bug, would wrap you in her silk and hang you upside down for years? Sixteen year old witch, Trudy Le Clercq, is unable to control her magic and lives in terror of the Witching Guard and every spider she sees.

Monster Child is a story about how Trudy and her friends, Riley, Amanda, and Bjorn, work at expelling ghosts from haunted properties. On this particular night, everything is going well, until a demon spirit shows up and absconds with of one of the four, compelling

severe highlighted cake platethe others to find him in whatever way they can. They must learn to trust each other and in their abilities in order to escape; because the Monster Child is unforgiving and relentless and will devour their souls.


Castle Wailing, Book 2 of The Witching Guard (In progress) Rogue vampires are ripping through Maiben, and the team must travel to the source of the trouble housed at Castle Wailing. Can they stop the evil that’s threatening to take over the world? Can they battle the vampires whose only allegiance is to the powerful and twisted witch who created them, who happens to be Trudy’s mother?

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