Quantity or Quality, that is the question…

Open Book Blog Hop – November 18th – 24th 2015 Quantity v Quality

I am participating in a blog hop where the question is, which would I prefer, quantity or quality?

That’s a fun question–a trick question, really. Because it depends on what it is…

Here’s what I mean:

A pile of gold is only valuable if it isn’t fools gold.

Undying love is only wonderful if you love that person in return, otherwise, it’s called stalking and you might have to get a restraining order.

Dogs are great–in any number. Cats, on the other hand, are not. Why? Because they don’t need you as much as dogs do. Think about it…keep their numbers at a manageable level or you are in danger of being eaten in your sleep. You’ll just have to go with quality kitties here, trust me.

Children. I’m not going to touch that one.

Chocolate. I used to go with the ANY chocolate is a GOOD chocolate, but now, the darker the better for me. And, thank you menopause, for all of your joys, you have now made it likely I will sweat like a pig in the middle of a typhoon if I over-indulge in my favorite chocolate. (Not in a literal sense…I mean, pigs have very few, perhaps NO existing sweat glands. That’s why they roll in the mud…to keep cool…where is this going?)

Food. I’m a HUGE fan of post-apocalyptic movies and television shows. The bleaker, the better in my book. So, yes, food is important, just ask Carole from the Walking Dead…She knows. But It doesn’t have to be gourmet here. Give me a can of hash, and I’m set for the week. (I expect I’ll be MUCH thinner when the zombie apocalypse gets going…don’t judge me.)

Baked potatoes on wooden background

Talking about food, let’s not forget WINE. I am a firm believer that if you’ve spent more than $8.95 on a liter of wine, you’ve spent too much, baby!  Seriously, a person could go broke the way it disappears around here.

Glass of chilled white wine on wooden background

And finally stories. Quality stories please, please, oh for crying out loud, give me a QUALITY book I can sink my teeth into!

Thank you!



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