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Stone God's Wife

Stone God’s Wife is a dark fantasy that contrasts the ugly with the beautiful, water with stone, justice with murder. It is placed in ancient time, and told in fable-like language.

This story won the Chanticleer Reviews Short Story/Novella for 2014. I couldn’t be more proud! It’s on sale for under a dollar! Get your copy today Stone God’s Wife





On Medusa is a very short story on what must have gone through Medusa’s mind as Perseus took her head. I do have to say, Medusa is my very favorite of the ancient gods, somehow I just cannot let her go! You can read On Medusa here.


George Clooney is Not Dead is about how a girl on the autism spectrum reacts when she believes that her annoying brother is responsible for the death of her kitten, George Clooney. This story is currently being sent out to magazines. I will provide the link when it is accepted and published. 

Vaqueros is a magical realism story about a woman who is so anxious about her pregnancy, the murals on the wall of her favorite restaurant become more real to her than her husband. I will certainly let you know when it is published.

Baby Z (In progress) Baby Z is the ruler of a zombie horde. Oh, he gets his zombies to do all types of things, including maintaining his supply of black licorice ice cream and brains, and dancing the Macarena. He’s a tight little ruler. And he’s got a plan… This work is in process, please stay tuned!