I believe we are energy bound up in flesh and bone, energy which continues long after our flesh and bone give out. We leave an impact, a psychic footprint as it were, wherever we go. What draws energy to energy? What makes opposites attract? What keeps us here when our bodies are no longer alive? I read an article recently that claimed we are all stardust, our carbon cores mirror the carbon in the universe, the stuff that stars are made of (I’ve included an article about it).

This seems to be the season of loss – too much loss for my liking. And yet, I know my loved ones are still with me in some way, perhaps their energies join mine, or maybe it’s just their memories that lend strength. It’s heartbreaking, losing people you love is heartbreaking. Allowing those loses to swallow you whole is devastating.  Look up at the starry, starry night, my love and see the humanity shine down upon us.

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