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I am struck by the violence one individual can perpetrate on another – whether it’s behind a dumpster or in a nightclub or on an airplane. There are other examples, of course. Our history is long and bloody.

And if it is possible, according to what is within you, make peace with every person. (1)

As long as we believe there is such a thing as “Us” and “Them” we will continue to go to war, continue to kill hapless, happy people, and continue to become the monsters we dread.

All of us.

It gets to the root of who we are, down to the very core. We are survivors. We have survived against all odds, climbed out of the muck, through endless iterations of life, toward becoming who we are today. We all took this journey, collectively, without thought, because we only yearned for a better place. A better way to be.

It must have been violent.

The echoes of becoming rally us to action in times of danger: Fight or Flight. And it worked. But it isn’t working any longer-especially in this culture of the extreme expendability of human life simply because they are different from us.

So, how do we combat this? How do we set aside the “Us” and “Them” Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.mentality?

Look for peace. Strive for it. Help those in need of help, and have compassion on those who for one reason or another cannot help themselves. Go out of your way to meet the stranger and understand their story, feel their triumphs and the losses with them. Do your best to call them Brother. Sister. Mother. Father. It is our responsibility to call all humankind Family.


It may be true that there will never be peace on earth, but shouldn’t we at least work toward it? Don’t we have at least have an obligation to try?




verses taken from the Aramaic Bible, Romans 12:15,17,21

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