What’s so funny about a breakup?

Cassandra is in no shape to meet anyone. She’s just been dumped by her long time boyfriend for a woman with more silicone than brains. If this is what men want, no wonder he left.
But breakups are hard on a girl.
She feels betrayed.
And alone…

AS FAR AS Cassandra was concerned, if she never saw Howard again it would be too soon. How could she love him and hate him, want him back and wish they had never met, all at the same time? Multi-tasking had always been her strong suit at the university library—she handled antiquities, flustered students, and angry professors with ease—but this…this was emotional contortionism at its finest. She deserved a medal. The one-hour commute from the university to her new home on the edge of the known universe had turned into a three hour bumper-to-bumper detour through pounding rain—plenty of time to rehash their parting conversation.
Her lower lip trembled as the last words they had exchanged played again in her mind.
“The University doesn’t get the significance of my research, Cass, but they will. I only need you to store my stuff until I get a little further along.” Howard’s caramel-colored eyes bore into hers.
Cassandra was a sucker for those eyes; they had gotten her into trouble more times than she cared to admit. What was worse, they seemed to have the power to turn her legs to jelly. Attempting to shake it off, she looked at her feet.
“C’mon, Cass. Do it for me. For old times’ sake,” he whispered.
“Why don’t you store them? Why do I have to?” She kicked the stack of boxes on the curb. “This can’t all be research.”
“Taffy doesn’t like clutter. I gotta make a clean start.”
Howard stood, hands on hips and chest puffed out, in a perfect super-hero pose. But he had fallen for the wrong leading lady.
That pretty much summed Howard up: Great eyes. Great body. And absolutely no clue when to shut the hell up.


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