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Daniela Ark of is doing a monthly feature on WIP (Work in Progress) and has invited me to post. The idea is to talk about different aspects of WIP, and really, anything else. Thank you Daniela for inviting me along! Strange enough, this is exactly what has been going on in my writing life – Oh Work in Progress, it never ends!

Recently I was asked to make a list of everything I am working on, even ideas of things I think might be awesome. Surprise, surprise, I may have some sort of attention deficit disorder (probably – not may have – most likely) and I also have four pages of work in progress!

Yikes! Where did it all come from and, where, oh where is it going?

I think we can all agree that a lot of ideas are so much better than Cover_Curse-of-the-Seven-70s.pdfnone. But let’s talk a minute about how to organize them. First of all, Curse of the Seven 70s is out and ready for you to review! What? You haven’t done that yet? Well, go do that, and then come right back… I’ll wait…


Next, Sweet Life of Dead Duane is nearing the final stages in editing! Yes, you will see this next paranormal romantic comedy out in the universe sometime in Coming soon!your lifetime! Good news!

Now we come to Housebreaking Werewolves. I have already spoken a bit about this book in the information section on my books… what? You haven’t seen that yet? Well, when we’re finished here, you can go there and check it out.

Housebreaking Werewolves was going to be the third paranormal romantic comedy I have written, but Pete, my leading man, isn’t cooperating. Nope, he isn’t. Apparently he doesn’t want to have fleas, chase cars, or smoke expensive cigarettes. Pete wants to solve the mystery of why women are killing themselves all around him, why the police are looking at him like it was his idea, and perhaps the biggest mystery of all, what the heck happened to him in the last two weeks? 

So, here’s my question to you, what’s an author to do when her characters write their own story?

I would love to hear your thoughts! 2

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  1. Hi Sharon! Thanks for participating in A Book’s Genesis! HAHA! That Damn Pete! Those Damn Characters think they are the bosses of our WIP! Yup I have exactly the same issue! my WIP is not even closed to what was indented at the beginning because of the characters misbehavior! I think this is a great topic for July! WHO IS THE BOSS OF YOUR WIP? YOU OR YOUR CHARACTERS? 🙂
    My “A Book’s Genesis” sign-up post is up. I’m wondering about the premise/theme of my WIP. Hope you visit and let me know your thoughts.

      1. I go with it:) If I interfere to much, it may cause the characters to come across as incomplete or shallow or worse…false. I want as authentic of characters as possible.

  2. I have to say, my characters have written my whole series! What is it with those tricky little people! 😉 Can’t say I disagree with where they’ve taken me though!

  3. More often than not the new path characters take us to end up being better for the story. If your Pete is real enough to do it then YAY for you! I’m working on giving my own characters more power over the story so that their own history and personalities have some say in it.

    So in response to your question, LET THEM!

  4. Hi Sharon! I am Lee’s friend (from Your work in progress sounds very intriguing! In fact, you have a very vivid imagination. It must be great to have as an author an unlimited amount of it and not putting yourself in a closed box, but letting your imagination and creativity run free! Haha, honestly, I would be so happy if a character of mine would do all the writing for me. But they don’t always cooperate :P.

    1. Hi Nadia! Thanks for commenting. I totally understand about characters not cooperating! Great stuff we get to figure out 😉

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